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Let's keep PFAS and excess nitrogen out of our drinking water!

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Welcome to LI Water!

LI Water is a coalition of non-profit organizations, community groups and individuals supporting common sense measures to protect our water.

Long Island's ground and surface waters are being contaminated with sewage, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas leaks and... lawn fertilizers!  

Some of the lawn fertilizers sold and used on Long Island contain PFAS - a class of toxic “forever” chemicals known to cause serious health problems in humans. Some fertilizers also contain high levels of water-soluble nitrogen which contaminate our water causing algal blooms and other problems.

It's time to do something about the lawn fertilizers sold and used on Long Island!

The fertilizer issue affects everyone on Long Island, and we all need to be part of the solution. We urge you to get involved with one or more of our partner organizations working on water issues, and to support efforts to keep our water clean and safe. 

To join the coalition please call us as (516) 883-0887. 

Watch "WATER MATTERS," our series of TV-style programs on Long Island's water, featuring scientists, researchers and advocates!

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