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Click to learn more about PFAS

We already have a water problem.

Let's not make it worse!

The water on, around and under Long Island and Westchester is being contaminated with sewage, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas leaks and... lawn fertilizers!  

Some of the lawn fertilizers sold and used on Long Island and Westchester contain PFAS - a class of toxic “forever” chemicals known to cause serious health problems in humans, and they're clad in a plastic (polymer) coating!


Some fertilizers also contain high levels of water-soluble nitrogen which can lead to harmful algal blooms and fish kills.

This is an easy fix. Ask your lawn and garden retailer or landscaping service for lawn fertilizer with no more than 12% nitrogen and no PFAS.  logo.png

Download the Long Island Lawn Care Guide to learn easy ways to keep your lawn green and our water safe.

For a list of non-polluting lawn fertilizers and a list of retailers in your area who carry them, click

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